How Can We Help?

Problems During a Job

What If I Turn Up To A Booking And There Is Nobody At Home?

It can happen that when you arrive nobody seems to be at home. Please call the parents’ number that we gave you and send them a text message. Always wait for 30 mins from the time that you have arrived and send us a message as well so we all have prove that you were at the booking.

Arriving Late For The Booking

If you are unavoidably delayed and running late for a booking - please phone the parents to apologise, reassure them you are on your way and give them an estimated time of arrival. If something more serious has happened and it looks likely that you will not be able to make your booking, for instance if you have had a car accident, then please phone Hello Mums as soon as possible so that we can try to find an alternative childcarer to cover for you.

What If Parents Ask To Come Home Later?

Occasionally, parents may phone you during the booking to ask whether you would be happy to extend the booking slightly - this is up to you to decide. However, if this affects your mode of transport home (e.g. in London if public transport is no longer running) it would be reasonable to ask them to contribute towards a taxi to take you home if the later return time means you will miss your ride.

What If The Parents Late Arriving Home?

The parents only give an approximate return time, but if they are more than 20 minutes later than the time agreed, it is reasonable to send them a polite text message or call them to check everything is OK. In central London where childcarers sometime rely on public transport, if their late arrival home means you have missed you last bus or train it would be reasonable to ask them to contribute towards a taxi to take you home.

Evening Sitting When There Are Additional Children Present

Parents are advised that bookings should only include their own children unless otherwise agreed with Hello Mums in advance. However, occasionally, you may arrive at a booking to find that there are a couple of extra visiting cousins or a child's friend is having a sleepover. Parents should not expect you to care for more than five children, or more than two children under the age of three years. We advise parents that when there are additional children present it is reasonable to expect to pay you an extra 50% on top of your hourly pay. So if you make £7.50/hour then with the extra children you should make £11.25/hour.

Unexpected Pets At Bookings

While most of our Childcarers are comfortable with cats and dogs, others may be ill-at-ease.  Parents are able to tell us whether they have a cat or dog - and we always give this information to you.  However, occasionally this information isn't kept up-to-date.  If there was a cat or dog at a booking you attended and it was not in the information provided by Hello Mums, please let us know immediately.

Where To Send Complaints?

If a parent gives us any negative feedback about your babysitting or childminding we will call you to discuss it with you. We appreciate that not all complaints are valid and this approach allows you to respond and tell us your side of the story.

If you want to complain about the way you were treated by a family please email Edina at