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How To Upload Documents

Any relevant documentation that you supplied during your Hello Mums interview, or that you have since emailed to us or uploaded yourself, will appear in My Documents in your My Account. These include mandatory documents that are required in order for you to work with us, such as your proof of ID, and optional documents, such as childcare-related qualifications and certificates.

If we've asked you to provide us with a particular mandatory document, or you want to upload a childcare-related qualification or certificate in order to enhance your profile, you can do this yourself within My Documents.

To upload a document it first has to be in PDF format. If you want to upload a copy of a physical document then we suggest downloading the app Scanbot to your iPhone, iPad or Android device which will allow you to convert your document in to a PDF document. Click here for more information about Scanbot and click here for help on how to use it.

Once you have converted your document into a PDF document, or if it's already in PDF format, click the "Choose file" button under "Upload a Document", select the PDF document you wish to upload and click the OK, Select or Open button. Your document will now start to be uploaded and will appear under Uploads when finished along with an icon indicating that it is pending verification. Hello Mums will automatically verify any uploaded documents within 3 to 5 working days after which it will be moved from the Uploads category to the relevant category within My Documents.