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How do I book a babysitter?

To book a babysitter, just click the "Book Now" button. You may be asked to log in if you're not currently logged in or to create an account if you do not already have one.

Specify when you want your booking to start and end, confirm the address that the booking should take place at, and add the booking to your basket. Remember that the start and end times should always be specified in 24 hour format, i.e. 6pm would be 18:00. Also bookings must be for a minimum period of 3 hours.

You can add further bookings to your basket if you want to make more than one booking. Also, if you're likely to book often and wish to reduce your booking fees, you can also add a Hello Mums membership plan to your basket. For each booking in your basket, you'll be charged a "booking fee". If you've added a Hello Mums membership plan then you'll also be charged for the initial period of your membership. When you've finished, click the "Go To Checkout" button.

On the "Checkout" page, enter your payment card details and click "Pay Now". If you've previously made a payment you may be able to pay with your saved payment card details. Your payment card will then be charged with your basket's total cost and you will receive a confirmation email for each booking.

We'll then start to look for suitable babysitters for your bookings. Whenever a babysitter is assigned to one of your bookings we'll send you a separate email with their details and a link to their profile.

Finally, we'll also send you an SMS text reminder shortly before each of your bookings are due to start. The text reminder will include the babysitter's mobile telephone number, in case you need to get in touch with them directly, and also the "babysitter fee" for the booking.

For UK bookings, at the end of each booking we'll send you an SMS text message telling you what your babysitter's fee is and we'll automatically charge it to your payment card the following day,

For Hungarian bookings, at the end of each booking you should pay the "babysitter fee", in cash, directly to your babysitter.