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Creating a Profile Video

What is a profile video?

A profile video is a short video of yourself where you can introduce and talk about yourself, your interests and what makes you a great babysitter. If you have a profile video, it will automatically appear on your profile page.

Why you should create a profile video

Creating a high quality profile video is an opportunity to make yourself stand out from all of the other babysitters and will increase the chances of parents adding you to their favourites. The more parents who make you a favourite, the more babysitter job offers you'll receive, and you'll also be amongst the first to receive them.

How to create a profile video

Profile videos can be made using a camera app on your smartphone or by using a webcam. They should be shot in landscape (i.e. like a film) and in High Definition (HD). Videos should be emailed to If they're too large to be sent by email, you can send them using the website WeTransfer. You can use WeTransfer for free and without having to create an account; simply go to their website, click "Add your files", select your video and then enter as the email address to send it to.

Tips for shooting a good profile video

The following tips will help you to shoot a high-quality profile video:

  • Shoot against a light, neutral background with no harsh colours or pictures
  • Shoot in a quiet area, with no loud noises around you
  • Wear minimal make-up
  • Make sure you look presentable and professional
  • Don't wear revealing outfits
  • Only have your upper body in the frame, not your full body

What to talk about

The following are some suggestions about what you should say in your video:

  • "Hello my name is xx"
  • How long you have been in childcare and what kind of job you do currently
  • What other kind of positions you've worked in i.e. nanny, school teacher, etc.
  • Whether you have small baby (newborn) experience and if so, what kind of experience and for how long 
  • Whether you have children of your own
  • Whether you have childcare related qualifications i.e. NVQ, Ofsted, etc.
  • Whether you have your own car / scooter etc.
  • What kind of things you like doing with children i.e. painting, drawing, singing etc.
  • Whether you're especially good at something that might be useful with children i.e. drawing, singing etc.
  • Whether you're especially fit, like the outdoors, or like to cook really healthy meals
  • "Thank you for looking at my Hello Mums video and hope to hear from you soon. Goodbye."