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Cancelling a Job

Cancelling a Booking

You can cancel bookings up to 3 times in one year. If you cancel more than that then we will remove you from our system for 6 months. Which means you will not get any more job offers for the next 6 months. If you cancel very last minute for example 1 hour before the booking and if we can't find a replacement babysitter then we will take you off our books for good.

Please never accept any private bookings even if the mum ask you to make a booking with her without Hello Mums. You will not get any more money from them and if you are worried that you don’t get the booking from us please don’t be worried as if you are requested by the mum or if she has you in her favourite list we will always ask you first. If we find out that you have made a booking or offered a booking privately to the parent we will remove you from our system for good.

How To Cancel A Job Via Text Message

If you successfully accepted a job you'll have received a job confirmation text message similar to this one:

Hello Mums: Job 1982 is yours, Sun 08/Mar/15 7:00pm to 11:00pm, 123 Sunshine Road, SW16 3DT, Wilson family (01234738272). Children John (3yrs), Kate (5 months).Reply with CANCEL 1982 to cancel.

If it's close to the start of the job, you'll also have received a job reminder text message similar to this one:

Dear Edina, this is a reminder that you are babysitting today from 7pm-11pm for the Wilson family (01234738272). Address is 123 Sunshine Road, SW16 3DT. Children John (3yrs), Kate (5 months).Reply with CANCEL 1982 to cancel.

You can cancel your job by replying to either of these text messages with the word "CANCEL" followed by the job number i.e.

Cancel 1982







The number always changes, but the CANCEL always stays. You must put the CANCEL and the number otherwise the system does not know which job you want to cancel. Also, please never ever text anything else then cancel if you want to cancel a job. So do not text “stop” or “no” or “can’t”. The robot that sends out the messages does not understand anything other than it was programed for. 


One more very important thing. Please don’t send any other messages to the job offer and cancellation number. So don’t send messages like, “I can’t take the job” or “I am busy” or “Thank you” or anything else other than what you are meant to. Again a ROBOT is sending you the messages and it will not understand what you are trying to say. If you have questions or anything you want to say please find me on Facebook (Edina Hello) or email ( )or phone my number (07809702389). 

Parent Cancellations

Occasionally parents will need to cancel a booking - for instance if a child is taken ill. Thankfully cancellations happen relatively infrequently, but please expect that it will happen occasionally. Wherever possible we will try to find you an alternative booking - but this will not always be possible. When your booking is cancelled if you have not undertaken any work, no payment is due to you.
There is one exception to the above. If you turn up to the booking and there is nobody at home or they open the door and tell you that they don’t need you anymore then we will ask them to pay you 50% of the booking. Please understand that occasionally cancellations will happen, please do not rely on the money before it is earned - this is particularly relevant if it was a high paying booking, perhaps during the day or on New Year's Eve.