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About Job Offers and Favourites

When is the Busiest TIme?

As a general rule there are more requests for evening babysitters during school term times. During the school holidays and half term breaks families are more likely to be away on holiday or perhaps going out together as a family and you will find these relatively quiet times. You'll find the busiest times are often during the three weeks before the end of each school term. The busiest days of the week are, as you probably would expect, Friday and Saturday. More than half of the babysitting requests we receive are for these two days - so if you are not available to work on Fridays and Saturdays then you will miss out on many bookings.

We are always particularly busy on the Fridays and Saturdays in the four weeks leading up to Christmas and during June. If you live in a busy area we would particularly appreciate you being available for evening babysitting on those dates.

Who Do We Offer Jobs To First?

Using their online account, Hello Mums parents tell us which of the childcarers they have met they would like to book again. Every family can specify their 'Favourite'. When we receive a booking from a family, we always offer the booking first to the parent's preferred carers. If none of the preferred carers are available or if we do not hear from them within a certain time, then we offer the booking to other carers. We use a selection process that gives priority to the carers who have previously met the family. But most importantly we prioritise those childcarers who have received the most positive feedback from the families they have met before. Childcarers with whom parents have expressed dissatisfaction receive low priority, as do childcarers who cancel bookings they have previously accepted more frequently than the average.

About Hello Mums Parents

The vast majority of Hello Mums’ parents like the service they receive and the childcarers they meet and remain clients for many years, booking babysitters again and again as their family grows up. Some families may make bookings several times a month - others book much less regularly. If families enjoy your babysitting they will add you to their Favourites list and you will find you have more opportunities of work available to you.