What's happening at nursery today?


What's happening at nursery today?


The thoughts that run through a nursery practitioner's mind as you head to work often run like this: ' I hope little Johnny slept well last night with that sniffly cold', and 'I must not forget to tell Ahmed's key worker about the balancing tower he made in the sand yesterday, whilst she was off work'.

Every day in a nursery is different. The faces are familiar, the much-needed schedule and routine is familiar, the environment and surroundings are familiar. But, each day is inherently different, and each day matters. It is about what you, as the adult, bring to your children, and to their world.

Arrival times are full of hugs and laughs, a quiet chat with a parent about Susie's sleepless night, and ensuring everyone arrives happy and safe.

At breakfast, you ensure that those children with allergies are catered for and that the children eat this very important meal. It sets them up for their day of fun and discovery!

Everyone is then welcomed as a class group, you chat about the weather and today's date, the creative activity for the day, and listen to news stories from home.

Creative and focused activities are stimulating and explorative. Often child led and teacher facilitated, depending on what the activity is. Phonics, puppet shows and science experiments abound during a typical nursery day.

Snack time is an important time, and if you have your own nursery garden it's ideal, where children can plant, grow, pick, wash and eat their own produce!

There is a good mix of indoor and outdoor play during the day, it's crucial that children have outside time, and a healthy dose of supervised risky play, no matter the weather. Ensure appropriate clothing is worn and ratios are adhered to.

The lunchtime meal is often the main, cooked meal of the day, a nutritious and hearty meal, once again ensuring that children with allergies are catered for, and safeguarded. There are two times when quiet reigns at nursery, during meal times and at sleep time!

Staff have your own lunch rotas during sleep time, so that you can eat your own lunch, and are suitably refreshed for the afternoon.

Afternoons can be varied, with the usual healthy snack time, nappy changing rotas and washing of hands taking place. Music, dance, sport, getting messy and having more fun!

Meetings with team members happen at various times during the nursery week, for planning, training etc. You take time off during your working weekday so you can work on your key worker children observations and documentation folders.

After an early evening light meal, and time to wind down with story time, your nursery day comes to an end as mums and dads arrive to collect their children. After a quick yet thorough handover, you close the nursery and go home with a weary, albeit happy smile on your face... as tomorrow it all happens again.

The same, yet different.