Voted Best by YOU!



"Congrats! You won in our LIVE LOVE LOCAL Awards. We had a great voting response with thousands cast." - said the email and we could not believe it!



When we started Hello Mums in 2014 we sure had great intentions and 4 years later on we still do. Making sure your children are happy and safe whilst you away comes on top of our goals and our continued work with children and childcare related businesses gives us a very positive view on life on a daily basis. We love the feedback we receive from parents and from nurseries and it is a great honour to be part of the childcare sector in London. 

One thing we did not see and took us by an amazing surprise, year after year, is winning London's Babysitting Award - an award voted by parents in London. Shortly after our first 6 months in business, we were awarded early in 2015 by The Mother - Hood online magazine The Best Childcare Agency in 2014. To be honest, we thought we were lucky enough to be nominated, so when we received the email that we actually won we could not believe that we were already reaching high standards in the industry. And let's be honest - if a parent would not like us, we would definitely know about it!

In 2015 we continued to expand our babysitting service and started working with a couple of private members clubs - providing childcare for events, weddings and emergencies. We redesigned the website and launched our iPhone and Android apps to allow parents an easier way to book. That year we came as a runner up, but we were still very happy to be nominated in the first place.

On the 14th of February 2017, we received the email that we won the Best Babysitting Service Award for 2016 - it was the best Valentine's day present we could wish for. We have been working very hard over the years to make sure every child, every parent and every business who uses our service receive a personal experience, one that they will hold onto. Inevitably, it is also the best feedback we could ever receive!

2017 was our most challenging year to date - we opened our services to nurseries in London, providing temporary and ad hoc childcare staff. This means that our day starts around 6:30am and runs till 9:00pm everyday day of the week (until we make sure all the bookings for the day have started well) It is exhausting and extremely rewarding at the same time. 

So today, amongst all the other things, we just wanted to take a moment and celebrate with you - as without you and your children we would not be here today. So thank you for all of you who voted for us, for all of you using our services and for trusting us with the most precious possessions - the children. We aim to win in 2018 again!




Find out more about the LIVE LOVE LOCAL AWARD on The MoTHEr-Hood online magazine's website.