Understanding Your Child's Drawing

I have always been fascinated and amazed how amazing kids drawings are and how meaningful a drawing can be. Given that I work with children, it has been fabulous to see some fantastic drawings that express their feelings mood etc and this drawing was one of the first I analysed.

Amongst girls it is very common to draw rainbows or caves between the ages of 4 and 6. It symbolises and reflects their experience of being in the womb, where they were still one with their mother and felt completely safe and unified with their mum.

This drawing tells us that the little girl who drew the picture has a very strong connection to her mother and family, she feels her mother's care and efforts. She sees the world around her as a safe place to be where she can learn and experience lots of interesting things. When in doubt, she feels confident to turn to her parents or other adults for some advice as she has learnt that she will always get a helpful response. She also feels that even if there are difficulties in life she can always rely on her family and can solve problems with their love and support.

Many thanks to Erika Oláh for her post. To find out more about analysing children's drawings please visit her page.