Smart Rainy-Day Survival Tips for Parents and Kids

Smart Rainy-Day Survival Tips for Parents and Kids


Getting stuck inside on a rainy day can be a bummer for kids. If your kids are glued to the TV on dreary days, you may be missing out on some scholastic opportunities. Rainy days are the perfect time for parents to provide interesting, educational online fun for their kids. Here are a few simple suggestions to get you started.


Pick Up an Instrument

If you have an old guitar or piano in your home, now is a good time to give your kids some pointers. You can find tons of easy, helpful music tutorials and apps to help your little maestro build their musical talent. Don’t have an instrument handy? Look for online guides to making one at home -- or just use your voice! You can throw on some online karaoke and sing out loud to pass the time. Aside from being entertaining, making music helps reduce stress and builds confidence in children and adults alike.


Create a Work of Art

Art is a soothing, creative way to spend time inside. Be prepared for those rainy days by picking up some basic studio supplies for your kids and then find some fun tutorials online. You can paint a canvas with Bob Ross or build some 3D sculptures. If you’re concerned about spills and messes, try using household items to protect your home and use old clothes to avoid stains.


Build Those Math Skills

Math is essential for everyday life but many children and adults shy away from it. However, studies show that interest in math is passed down from parents. Help your child see the benefits of math by finding ways to make the subject more fun for both of you on those rainy days. Find practical ways for children to practice problem-solving in everyday applications. Get out some coins and set up a virtual store -- complete with discounts -- or find some games/apps that will help build their skills.


Explore Science

Science is another subject that is infinitely beneficial to children. With our increasing connection to technology, getting your kids interested in science can set them up for a better future. Setting up fun, safe science experiments at home is bound to stir their curiosities. Use items around your home to make some magic milk or a glass of lava. Wear gloves and safety goggles to protect skin and eyes from splashes, and watch your kids come alive with all the science fun!


Get Some Exercise

Play is a practical form of exercise for kids, but outdoor fun can be impossible in the rain. You can use online videos to help your children stay active when bad weather strikes. Find some videos that will help you stay fit as a family, or turn on some music/dance videos and burn calories busting some moves in the living room. Exercise is important in preventing childhood obesity and other health issues, so make sure you’re kids are getting enough, even when it’s wet and cold outside.


Cook Some Tasty Snacks

With all the learning and fun, you’re both bound to work up an appetite. Cooking is another wonderful way to help your kids have fun inside. You can find hundreds of online recipes/tips to try together. Look for tutorials to teach you how to properly prepare your ingredients and be make safety a top priority. You can even use this time to teach your kids about fire safety and basic first-aid so they’ll know what to do when accidents happen in the kitchen.


Wind Down with Yoga

Getting stuck inside can be stressful. You can help everyone relax with yoga. Find some simple practices that will peak your kids’ interest. Focus on your breathing and encourage your kids to do the same. If you want to take your practice up a notch, try out some acrobatic yoga poses with the kids! They’re sure to have fun and stay fit in the process.

Rainy days don’t have to bring your family down. All you need is an internet connection and a screen to have some educational family fun indoors!


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