Exercising after having a baby



Exercise after having a baby

I couldn't wait to get the all clear from the doctors so I could go back to working out. I was actually working out throughout my pregnancy being safe of course! I was in the gym before getting pregnant 5 days a week at 7:00 am without fail. I absolutely loved it!

Going back to the gym after having a baby can prove quite difficult. It could be anything from not having childcare to just being too tired to even move. I'm going to tell you my top tips for getting back in shape. 

Join a 24 hour gym

It's great because you can go anytime you feel like. If childcare is an issue during the day then go late at night/early morning when your partner or other family member is around. I've used both Pure Gym and The Gym and they've both been good and reasonably priced. 

Find a gym with a crèche 

The most expensive option. Most gyms that have a crèche do not include the price to use it in the membership which means you pay extra per session. It really does add up but if it's something you're interested in then have a quick google search "gyms nearby with a crèche" Nuffield and Virgin are known to have them. 

YouTube workouts

There must be thousands of workout videos on YouTube. My personal favourite comes from the channel "Fitness Blender" which I use frequently. They have great reviews but search and find the one best for you.

Nintendo Wii

You might have one locked away somewhere collecting dust. Dust it off and use it. You can buy super cheap second-hand fitness games from CEX. You can also buy a reasonably priced second hand Wii from there too if you haven't already got one. I play Wii sports on mine and spend a lot of time playing tennis. It's a fun workout!


If you're someone who likes weight training then you can buy some fairly cheap weights from Argos or you can use household items like a big box of washing powder. 

Find a mum fitness group 

The best way to find these groups is on Facebook. I actually came across a fitness group FitSW11 on there and the great thing is that I get to bring my little one to my workouts. Buggy fit is a popular mums fitness class. I've heard very good reviews.

Outdoor Gyms

Recently I've seen some outdoor gym equipment which is great for those with kids and don't have the money for the gym. Have a look on this site to see if there is one near you. 

Remember you can do all the exercise in the world but you'll really start to see a difference if you stop bad eating habits. I've watched endless videos on YouTube that have taught me how to maintain a healthy balanced diet. I encourage you all to do the same :) 


Many thanks to Natasha from Kiddo Adventures for this useful post! Off for a run now:)