Average morning with 2 under 5s


Average morning with 2 under 5s


I've always had a pretty bad timekeeping; getting to work on time has always been a struggle for me no matter how hard I tried. I think the main reason is I've never really been a morning person and I love sleep way too much. So I would always get up at the very last possible minute and then rush to do everything and leave on time, yes I know very bad time management on my part. So with that all being said, I bet you can imagine what I'm like now!

Mornings actually were pretty straightforward when it was just one child to deal with, believe it or not!!

Last year it actually got pretty ridiculous, it was so hard to gauge how long it would take to get ourselves and both girls ready! What if the baby decided she wanted a feed just before we went through the door...or she decides to poop just as we are leaving? Getting ready and out on time can actually be really stressful and unpredictable with a baby! 

I must say that now the baby is almost 18 months! I think we've pretty much mastered it now, the art of getting out the house in just over an hour. I can't do this alone, it takes me ages to get ready don't ask me why I have no clue! So between me and their dad, we have it mastered. 

Here is a rundown of our morning:

7:50am – Wakey! Wakey! The girls are generally already awake making a mess of their room, but this is the time I get up to make my tea and their hot chocolate. Which is a routine my eldest daughter gets really upset about if it’s missed.

8:00am - 8:20am - We both shower, not together but once one comes out the other jumps in. 

8:20am - My eldest gets washed and dressed, I make that sound so straightforward don't I? Trust me it’s not as simple as her just getting 'washed and dressed' there is a lot of raised voices involved.

8:30am - Breakfast time – Whilst my eldest and her dad are eating I’m generally getting the baby ready. We both have breakfast when we get back from the school run.

8:40am - This is a generally a blur of brushing teeth, getting stuff together and putting shoes and coats on. This is probably the most stressful bit, the bit that leaves the neighbours wondering what the hell we are doing! I am surprised they have never knocked on the door to check we are all still alive haha!

8:50 – Time to go! Although we NEVER get out at this time, but I’m a bit of a smarty pants and have set the kitchen clock 5 minutes faster. So we actually are generally on time, give or take a minute or 2!

My top tip for ensuring a smooth morning would be to get organised the night before! My daughters uniform is ironed and laid out, book bag, shoes and coat are all together ready for the morning rush. I say this because this is probably one of the main reasons we end up being late when something isn’t where it’s supposed to be.

How do you get yourself and the kids organised in the morning? Would be good to hear your top tips!


Many thanks for Lea-Anne for her super successful morning post. To read more of her blogs please check out her page here.