Why your training and development is important?

Why your training and development is important?


Hello Mums offers training and continuous professional development (CPD) opportunities which will help you provide the children in your care with the best possible start in life. Continuing Professional Development is widely recognised as fundamental to the improvement of standards and skills for individuals and their industries. Prior to attempting to understand how to make the most of the various CPD opportunities available, it is important to understand why CPD is important, why it exists and its primary purpose.

As a childcare professional, you help children to be resilient and prepare them for what's to come in life. This is why tailored training is so important.

Continuous professional development (CPD) is a combination of approaches, ideas and techniques that will help you to understand more about the environment in which you work, the job you do and how to do it better.

CPD is an ongoing process throughout your working life. It’s a requirement by professional bodies and helps you document your skills, knowledge and experience.

Benefits of training and CPD

  • Learn from colleagues and share your own experiences while you broaden your skills to feel more confident about your work and make it more effective and fulfilling
  • Get a step on the ladder to higher qualifications
  • Enhance the service, care and education you provide to children and their families, understanding that every child is unique and that the inspiration and influence you provide as they develop and grow will be invaluable
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest changes in childcare legislation and social and economic developments that may directly affect the environment in which you live and work.
  • Refines your personal skills and intellect and helps to plug any knowledge gaps.
  • Keeps academic and practical qualifications up to date – keeping skills relevant is integral in today’s fast-moving world, where rapid progression can quickly lead to previous learning becoming obsolete.
  • Opens pathways to career progression or potential redirection, including achieving higher salaries and better job security.
  • Enhances your ability to regularly learn and improve – you’ll learn quicker as you become acquainted with the process and will become a better independent learner.
  • Demonstrates ambitiousness, aptitude, and a dedication to self-improvement to current and prospective employers and clients.
  • Provides valuable examples and scenarios for showcasing professional achievements and growth in CVs, cover letters, and interviews.
  • Reduces feelings of uncertainty or worries about change – CPD gives you a plan for future aspirations and the ability to readily adapt.
  • Promotes independence – self-directed CPD requires you to consciously engage in learning activities and follow your own plan, while some structured CPD activities can benefit from you engaging in further research and study.

The type and nature of activities through which you can improve and broaden your knowledge and skills are limitless. Anything from a formal qualification to reading a childcare magazine can help you find out more about relevant issues.