Having another child?!!!!


Having another child?!!!!


I must be asked this question a billion times a week! Are you gonna have another baby? When will you have another baby? Another? Another? Another?????

I mean who wouldn't want to sling a third turd smelling dribbling pissy pants into their already busy schedule? You'd have to be completely doolally right?

How on Earth would we make this decision? There's only one way *thinking back to how the 12-year-old me would work this out* a pros and cons list! Duhhh


Cons of having a third child-


Money- After nappies, wipes, food to feed a herd of elephants, clothes, toys, cleaning products for the shit stains and germs, dummies, bottles.. the list is endless we'd need a bank loan - NO JOKE.

Sharing the love- I'm seriously struggling with just two! I mean, attempting to share yourself between two demanding little people is tougher than it sounds. Cuddles, kisses, playing, cleaning, changing.. it all becomes this big reality game of pin the tail on the chuffing donkey...although when the donkey usually clonks its ass up into the air that's the equivalent to my Rio screaming in my face and tryna pick his little brother up by his head.

How are you expected to keep 3 children content without feeling sorry for one of them? I can barely even keep myself satisfied with having just a single shower a week and that's only IF I get lucky.

Sleepless nights- I have just got my littlest (9 months) to a stage where he's sleeping (like a freak with his eyes open) right through the night. THE LAST thing I would want right now would be to tittyfeed every hour of the year resulting in me being that sleep deprived I'm putting poo korma nappies in the fridge and unopened tubs of butter in the bin. It's a no go.

A bigger car- This could've slipped into the 'money' heading too cos lets be straight what car costs a couple of quid? Saying that, I could've popped it into the sleepless nights heading too since me and Jordan would squabble about the type of car we'd be getting more than a couple of kids do when deciding who sits in the front seat.

More space- Although newborn babies are cute as punch with their squidgy cheeks and soft skin they don't half come with a shit tonne of stuff (broad as muck) from the clothes to the baby swings and cribs we just wouldn't find the space or time to ACTUALLY find it.


Pro's of having a third child


A little brother/sister- There's nothing I'd love more than to give the boys another sibling. Although they've got each other to play, laugh and fight with I reckon a little sister would be bloody amazing for them, especially if they were a little older. No one can have life tooooo easy right? So I reckon a sassy little mini-me plodding around pinching toys and leaving barbie dolls in their rooms would be a great life lesson for their future selves.

Squishy newborn cuddles- ' Embrace it whilst they're this small, they don't stay little for long' Yeah yeah yeah we've all heard that same damn quote from our great aunts and uncles but jheeeze its blooming true and it's not until a few months pass you notice it's already happened before your eyes. Gosh I think I'm making myself a tad broody.. oops.

Pregnancy and giving birth- am I crazy? Would I really want to give birth again after 2 very traumatic natural deliveries? Yes. Yes. YES! The whole experience is the most magical thing ever. Carrying your own baby is a feeling I'd never be able to put in to words (without sobbing an ocean anyway) Knowing that week by week there is a baby forming their very own body parts within your body, there is a tiny little heart beating away in there and knowing you're gonna be holding that little gem in your arms very soon is mind-blowing. Hang on.. *wipes under eyes*

When you're in labour I'm sure any 'normal' person (whatever that is) is thinking 'NEVER AFUCKINGGEN' but despite the sheer roar pain you encounter as cheesy as it sounds, it all does just disappear the second the amniotic fluid covered warm tiny human is placed into your arms. Mannnn I can't stop crying.

Family- The most important pro of all. FAMILY. No matter what..good, bad, happy, sad.. family will always be there to love, encourage and support. I've always imagined myself being that mum that walks into a supermarket all cool and collected with a football team of mini me's marching behind pulling each others hair out and shouting 'BOGEEEEYS' across the store.


SO... a third child? 


I'm not gonna say right now. The boys are still very young, still very clingy, and still very much pissing up the walls and shitting in the bath. Our main focus at the moment is to save up the money for our mortgage deposit and get me on those roads don't worry I'll give you all a warning beforehand). I most definitely do 100% want to have another baby or 10 there is no doubt about that and writing this post has made me want it to happen even sooner. This will definitely require a few twisted arms in the process mind but Jordan is very easily convinced anyway.. sorry spadge.

Here's to our third child *cheeky boogy*

All my love,

Joanne X