5 Top Tips for Parents: How to Manage the Transition from Nursery to School


5 Top Tips for Parents: How to Manage the Transition from Nursery to School


Your child’s first day at school is coming. They’re moving away from the comfort of the nursery and that transition needs to be handled carefully. So, where do you come in? It’s all about being prepared and taking practical steps that’ll help your child get ready for that exciting, if daunting, change. With that in mind, here are five top tips to help manage your little one’s transition from nursery to school.


1. Teach them independence

When kids get to school they’ll need to do a lot more for themselves. That requires learning independence and developing the skills they’ll need to cope with the challenges of the day. From getting dressed on their own to having the confidence to ask for help when they need it, there are plenty of big steps to take.

They’ll also need to go to the toilet on their own, and you can play a huge role in this. Just like you do when implementing potty training tips for boys and girls, it’s all about practising going to the toilet on their own, repeating and getting comfortable with that independence. And you can apply these potty training tips for boys and girls to other tasks too, including getting changed for PE and making sure they look after their belongings whilst at school. 

The more you help advance their independence before they get to school, the easier it’ll be for them to take ownership of their own experience when they arrive.



2. Role play

One of the best ways of preparing little ones for the first day of school is to role-play with them. Whether it’s a classroom game where you act as teacher and they play themselves, or a playground game using soft toys to manage interactions, rehearsing new situations will help get them ready for their new environment. 



3. Focus on the excitement of a new start

Change can be daunting, and the thought of moving from nursery to big school can be intimidating. Role-playing can help them get familiar with new routines, but focussing on how exciting it’s going to be will also help them gain confidence about their new start. 


Focus on all the positives, talk up a new adventure and emphasise how grown up they are getting. Kids love that!


4. Attend an open day

There’ll be an open day before your child starts school and this is a chance for them to get their first look and meet the teachers. Again, be really positive and focus on the excitement side of things, but let them ask plenty of questions so they can be surer of what to expect. 

If for any reason you can’t attend the open day, contact the school so you can arrange to have a look another time. Increasing the familiarity of a new environment will make it a lot easier for kids to adapt.


5. Do a walkthrough of the first day

Finally, a dry run of the first day walk to school is a great idea. From waking up, having breakfast and putting on their clothes to walking to school, you can go through the entire routine. And there’s no reason not to do this more than once. Come the big day, they’ll know what to do and can start to get excited about the day ahead. 

If your little one is starting school soon, give these tips a try and help to make that transition from nursery an easier experience for everyone.