10 essential products to have at home in case you are on lockdown


10 essential products to have at home in case you are on lockdown


There are certain things it’s important to have at home in case you can’t leave the house because you’re on lockdown. We’ve listed 10 of the most essential products for families to always have on hand if you can’t pop to the shops to stock up.


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1. Non-perishable food and drink

You certainly don’t want to run out of food or drink, so have a supply of non-perishable items like tinned soup/fish/veg/fruit, as well as UHT milk/juice, tea bags etc. 

You can also make jams and chutneys that will keep well when stored properly. Help keep your food storage clean by sterilising jars in microwave ovens first. If you’re on lockdown, you can use the opportunity to teach the kids how to cook. They’ll enjoy pressing the button when sterilising jars in microwave ovens to store that tasty chutney you’ve made. 

2. Medications

Make sure you have enough of your regular, prescription medication in stock. It’s also worth having enough over-the-counter medication for all the family, such as infant paracetamol. This is a good time to check your first aid kit is fully stocked too, with plasters, bandages, etc.

3. Toiletries

Make sure you have enough shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, baby care toiletries etc. to keep you all going during a lockdown.

4. Nappies and formula

If you have babies in your household, you definitely won’t want to run out of nappies or (if you use it) infant formula. You might choose to switch to reusable cloth nappies instead of disposables.


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5. Laundry detergent

You’ll be doing a fair bit of laundry if you do use washable nappies, but even without that, you’ll still want to keep your family in clean clothes for the duration. So, make sure you have enough laundry detergent and any other products you use, like fabric conditioner. 


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6. Pet supplies

If you own animals then you’ll want to have them covered if you can’t get to the pet shop or order your usual supplies. It’s not just their food and drink you’ll want to think about, it’s their bedding, toiletries, etc. and any medication they take, too.

7. Power cut supplies

It’s always worth having a power cut kit, and that’s particularly the case in exceptional circumstances. If your electricity supply or heating goes down, you’ll want to have enough candles/matches/torches, plus blankets and warm clothes, to last you.

8. Craft supplies

There’s only so much screen time the kids (or you) will want, so to keep the children entertained during a lockdown, bring out the craft supplies. It can be as simple as some cardboard from your recycling box and some sticky tape and pens.

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9. Exercise equipment

Not being able to go outside will have an impact on physical fitness, so bring some exercise indoors for all the family. If you can make enough space in your home to comfortably exercise, then get some skipping ropes for the kids (and adults), and other easy-to-use equipment. You can even create safe, indoor obstacle courses for the young ones.

10. Games, puzzles and activity books

Quiet time will be much needed by everyone, so relaxing activities like jigsaw puzzles, board games and activity books (stickers/colouring/word searches) will help keep the kids occupied. 

With these 10 essentials in stock, you can feel more confident that you’ll be ready to weather the storm, should you be placed on lockdown.


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