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Accepting Job Offers

How To Accept A Job Via Text Message

If you're registered to receive job offers via text message (SMS) then you'll receive job offers similar to the one below:

Dear Anna, Hello Mums have a job offer for you. 12/09/2016 from 7pm until 11pm for the Wilson family (01234738272). Address is 123 Sunshine Road, SW16 3DT. Children John (3yrs), Kate (5 months). Reply with OK 1982 if you want the job.

To accept a booking you must always reply with "OK" and the job number. So for example:



​​Ok 1982



Note that the job number always changes! You must put "OK" and the job number otherwise the system does not know which job you want take. Please don't reply to these job offer text messages with anything else other then "OK" and the job number i.e. do not text "yes" or "job" or "okay". The robot that sends out the messages does not understand anything other than what it was programed for. 

One more very important thing. Please don’t send any other messages to the job offer and cancellation number. So don’t send messages like, “I can’t take the job” or “I am busy” or “Thank you” or anything else other than what you are meant to. Again a ROBOT is sending you the messages and it will not understand what you are trying to say.